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I am a recently graduated MSW from USC. I’m still looking for jobs, so I can start paying back the ridiculous amount of student loans I have.

I love sports, food, music, movies, TV, my friends, my family, my puppy dog and my husband. 

This blog is mainly about my struggles with losing weight (yet again) but also about the crazy life I live. As the wife of a person with cancer and the pet parent to a sick dog, my life is not without its struggles and challenges. But I’d like to think I overcome those challenges with a certain grace and flair and a sarcastic, wicked sense of humor.


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I ran across your blog last night and I just felt a connection with you. My husband, 31 years old, and the father of my 2 beautiful babies, was just diagnosed with Stage 4 terminal leiomyosarcoma. He underwent a radical surgery in August and is doing chemo right now. This is the most difficult thing that I have had to deal with in my life. Emotional, draining, exhausting. I just want to talk to somebody that KNOWS, that truely KNOWS what I am going through. If you feel up to it, I know you are super busy, drop me a line sometime.

Comment by robin

hey sister… I have been reading you blog lately and just want you to know i love you and Aaron. I have wanted to leave you a comment or two but just don’t know what to say. Always know I am here for you if you want to talk, if you want to have a drink or if you just want to hang out and do something. You one super strong, loving, caring and beautiful person. I know we have not been that close as sisters should be… but I am totally here and love you a ton. Hang in there sis. you are strong and will overcome an obsticle that is thrown your way. (and just know i’m here :0) I Love You!! XOXOXO

Comment by erin

Hi hitgirl…I remember you from the ww boards and have always checked in from time to time…lots of girls over on the boards remember you too!

Anyway…I am so sorry for your lose. You are such a strong woman…please know I am thinking of you!

Comment by Lootz

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