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February 11, 2009, 10:27 pm
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Things I have learned while dealing with a husband with cancer:

-Bedsores are a pain in the ass to treat. They are often a precursor to a more serious condition or infection.

-Marijuana is sometimes more effective than compozine at controlling nausea.

-Marijuana is sometimes more effective than morphine at controlling pain.

-Liver failure is a bitch.

-Fatigue is contagious. Or so it seems.

-One person alone cannot do everything. No matter how hard they try.

-After draining fluid from the body, said body will try very hard to replace and replenish that fluid. Especially because you do not want the body to do this. The body can sense this, and works extra hard against you.

-It’s difficult to get a person with fluid build-up in their legs to get them to keep their legs elevated at night because of the pain. This causes more swelling, less elevation, etc, etc.

-Without the kindness and generosity of others, it would be impossible to deal and cope with any of this.


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Hugs to you ((((hugs))).

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