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On the sixth day of Christmas…
December 22, 2008, 10:43 pm
Filed under: life

I made SIX DOZEN cupcakes.

I made the infamous pumpkin pie cupcakes with apple butter frosting for our Christmas party at work tomorrow, as well as my Grandma’s for Christmas Eve. I am going to wake up early in the morning to frost them, because I don’t have space in the fridge to keep them all tonight. I have a ham, 2 turkey breasts and a ton of food for Christmas dinner in there right now. I ran out of eggs (correction–I have one egg left) and need to hit the store ONE.MORE.TIME. since I’m making a quiche for Christmas breakfast with my parents, the boy and my sister, her boyfriend and his two kids.

Hubs has been kind of a dick to me over the last few days. I know its because he’s not feeling very well, but come the fuck on already. He’s been snapping at his mom when she’s over, he’s biting my head off over stupid stuff and he’s just being a general jackass to everybody. He’s on my last nerve and it’s taking all I’ve got to not tell him.

So instead I’ll listen and watch sad music, and go take a Nyquil, because I’m getting the stupid cold that’s going around the office. Two days before Christmas. Awesome.


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