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Love you till the end
December 12, 2008, 9:59 pm
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Because I’m a fool I’ve seen the movie “P.S. I love you” more than once (well, the whole movie in theaters and then the first hour last night while trying to sleep). The movie stars Hillary Swank and Gerard Butler (who is GORGEOUS!); he dies of cancer, she has to learn to live her life without him (and now you know why I’m a fool). When I saw this movie in the theater with my best friend Nicole, I cried throughout the entire movie. The parts that were the worst to sit through were where she would remember all of the “little things” that she took for granted. The scene that got to me last night was where, after his funeral, she crawled into bed and kept calling his cell phone just to hear his voice. 

You know, the little things…

Anyways. There is a song that he’s signing on his guitar and she karaokes during the movie called “Love You ‘Till the End” by a band called The Pogues. In keeping with my fool-dom, I downloaded it and keep listening to it when I’m in the car or somewhere else, alone. It brings me to tears everytime. It’s a beautiful song and I just felt like sharing it with you all tonight. Enjoy.

 I just want to see you

When you’re all alone

I just want to catch you if I can

I just want to be there

When the morning light explodes

On your face it radiates

I cant escape

I love you till the end


I just want to tell you nothing

You dont want to hear

All I want is for you to say

Why don’t you just take me

Where I’ve never been before

I know you want to hear me

Catch my breath

I love you till the end


I just want to be there

When were caught in the rain

I just want to see you laugh not cry

I just want to feel you

When the night puts on its cloak

I’m lost for words don’t tell me

All I can say

I love you till the end


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