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Withdrawal and Choices
November 16, 2008, 4:32 pm
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Friday was an incredibly shitty day. It started off nice enough, what with my boss being late and our normally long (and awfully boring) staff meeting was short and interesting and then it was back to intakes and clients. I had talked to hubs before the staff meeting on my crackberry and had tossed it back in my top desk drawer, which is my normal deal. 

A client called me telling me that she was feeling suicidal so I had her come into the office. While we were waiting for a bed (she has medical issues, so I had to contact *five* hospitals before I could get a bed), I went to check my phone to see if I had any text messages or emails. And I couldn’t find my phone. I looked throughout my drawer, underneath all the junk in there, and no phone. I searched my bag, no phone. I looked in various offices I had spent time in throughout the day, and no phone. It appears that my cell phone was stolen by either a client or a fellow employee. I am leaning more towards a client. I had to shell out $130 to replace my phone (thank God for the insurance coverage I decided to get; the $130 is the deductible and a new phone would have run me over $300). I should have my new phone on Tuesday, and until then I am going through crackberry withdrawals. No phone calls, no text messaging, no insta-Facebook, no brick breaker. 

Yesterday I went with hubs and my father-in-law for breakfast at Knott’s Berry Farm’s chicken restaurant. Afterwards, I came home and cleaned up the house. Around 2, my mother-in-law, father-in-law and a hospice nurse came over to discuss options and choices that we have, as we’re thinking of having hubs be certified to be on hospice. When hubs surpasses the 6 month mark, he would be able to be re-certified to continue being on hospice. It was really hard to sit there and talk about end of life issues and pain management and counseling and a chaplain without losing it. Hubs kept it together really well, and it never amazes me about how strong he really is. 

The weather here in socal sucks. There is ash all over the ground, all over the cars and the sky is an awful shade of brown. There are wildfires burning in counties all around us, and it’s awful to go outside and trying to breathe is a chore. I have kept Dodger in the house as much as possible because he’s got breathing issues as it is and he doesn’t need any other factors to compound on that. He’s on three different medications right now and has done a complete turn around from last week (it was so bad–he was coughing every couple of minutes and wheezing), so I want to make sure that he stays ok. I know he feels fine–he’s eating and drinking like a champ and is sitting here waiting for me to drop popcorn on the floor. He’ll be okay.

I’m hoping this upcoming week goes better than this last one. I’m really getting on the lowering my cholesterol diet bandwagon, combining that with the Core program. I will be hitting the gym nearly everyday, seeing one of my best friends on Thursday for a concert in Pomona and will be trying to relax and just take better care of myself. I am going to call tomorrow to make an appointment with a psychiatrist and enroll in a class on cholesterol education. Baby steps, right?


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