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To beach or not to beach?
November 6, 2008, 11:16 pm
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I had my first regular doctor’s appointment yesterday, just to get some basic stuff looked at, and to talk about this fatigue I’ve had for the last month or so. As I was telling him about everything going on in my life (hubs, work, just finishing graduate school, and so on), he seemed to think the fatigue may be more related to psychological stressors as opposed to anything medically related. He is going to run some tests to rule out anything like diabetes or poor liver functioning. He’s also going to check cholesterol, and something else that I can’t remember right now. 

After the doctor’s visit I got a flu shot and an updated tetanus shot. My left arm has felt like it was going to fall off all day. After I got home from work tonight I felt all fluish and gross. Hubs and I went to El Torito and I got a bowl of soup which hit the spot, kind of. I wish I felt better, but I know it’s because of the flu shot and I know that I’ll feel a lot better tomorrow.

So one of the big issues I had after yesterday’s doctors appointment was what the scale said. Since June I’ve gained about six pounds, which doesn’t sound like a lot, but on top of the weight I had put on over my goal weight, I’m now only 15 pounds down from my starting weight from January 2003. I know I need to do *something* about it before I end up one of those statistics who puts all their weight and then some back on. And to top it all off its three weeks before Thanksgiving and the start of the holiday food bonanza season. 

I’m thinking of doing the South Beach Diet for a few weeks. I don’t really crave carbs, but I do find myself sitting in front of the TV munching on reduced fat Cheeze-Its, having a snack size Milky Way bar here and there at work and eating way too many carbs. When I tried the Core program on Weight Watchers before my sister’s wedding last May, I did really well and looked HAWT for the wedding (right sis?). But then I haven’t been following any sort of plan since then.

I need something that is structured, that is different–that is new. I need to shake shit up around these parts. I know that there are some fellow former WW’s out there (Kathleen, Hilly) who have had a lot of success on the South Beach Diet, so I’m hoping to try it out and follow in their footsteps.

Any thoughts? Any feedback?


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Are they checking your thyroid?? That can be related to fatigue as well.

I did really well when I did Core too, but for some reason lately can’t get myself to commit to it — really for only 2 reasons — booze and bread. Pathetic!

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