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This is a very strange feeling…
September 23, 2008, 4:05 pm
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I’m having a really good day today.

Last night I went out for greek food and half-off bottles of wine with my BFF, her BF and my boy BFF. Dinner was wonderful, the wine was flowing and I discovered a new version of hummus made with mashed potatoes, olive oil, garlic, tahini (I think tahini was in there anyways, I could be mistaken) and lemon. Paired with warm, soft pita bread and a glass of cold white wine, it was perhaps the food highlight of my night.

After I got home, I laid down on the bed and crashed out hard, still wearing my jeans and sweater. Around midnight hubs woke me up, telling me to change, but I was just so sleepy and so comfortable that I rolled over and fell back asleep. He and the dog slept in the den last night, so I got a really good night of solid, uniterrupted sleep–it was heavenly.

I woke up around 5am, which is unheard of for me unless I’m catching a flight or absolutely under penalty of death need to be awake that early. After 8 hours of sleep, I felt very rested and awake and actually had ENERGY. It was the strangest thing, haha. I threw on my work-out clothes, had some water, and headed to the gym.

Me. At the gym. WILLINGLY AT FIVE IN THE MORNING. Has hell frozen over?

Anywho, I got a really solid workout in–cardio, weights and abs. I got home, made coffee, hit the shower, got ready for work and headed out the door…EARLY. Now, granted I left my health insurance enrollment papers at home and had to turn around and get them, thus making me late for work because I hit mad traffic on the 110, but still. Me. Early.

My work-day has been mellow (although there is still an hour left, so who knows what is going to happen). Clients for the most part have actually been pleasant enough to work with. I went to grab a Diet Dr. Pepper from the basement vending machine and I realized something. I’m in a good mood for the first time in AGES. 

Hubs is having his aspiration done tomorrow in South O.C., so please keep him in your thoughts. He had some test results given to him today by his oncologist, but I’m not 100% clear on what they are, so I’m choosing to be positive and put forth positive energy into the universe.

Now it’s time to do my notes so I can get out of here on time. Here’s hoping the rest of tonight is as good as today has been.


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