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Different…but not necessarily better
August 14, 2008, 11:01 pm
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I’m still here. I’m still processing the 2075048 things going on in my head, still working, still being me.

Things around the house have been…different. Hubs had a confrontation with my dad earlier this week. Then today, while I was buying the Beast a new dog bed, he confronted my mom. Apparently he was snooping around their room yesterday and found a fifth of Jack Daniels, hidden somewhere inside. When he confronted them about this, he really took care of me, and took care of my needs. It’s been very difficult for me to admit vulnerability and ask for help in this situation (actually, all the time but that is fodder for another blog on another day). For him to do that really was important for me. 

Last night I went shopping with my best friend, N. I have my 10 year high school reunion on Friday (holy shit!) and wanted to find a cute outfit to wear. We hit the Nordstrom’s Rack and I got a cute dress to wear to work (only in hot pink, cotton, without as much ruffle, and it was only $13) and then another cute dress to wear on Friday (only $20, and this is the closest I could find, my dress is slightly different, I will post pictures after I am in the dress). I also got two pairs of super cute shoes, and all together I spent about $50 on two dresses, two pairs of shoes and lots of options. 

I wore the dress today at work and got a lot of compliments on it. I ended up pairing the dress with white pumps and felt REALLY cute today. Although I was busy (crazy busy) I didn’t mind it. Around 2 I was getting a client out of the lobby when some old lady sitting in the lobby asked me, “Miss, are you pregnant?”

Good mood? Deflated. Thanks so much.

I ended up working late, which sucked. Then I went to Trader Joe’s to pick up dog food and ended up grabbing these PHENOMENAL crackers that are “baked crisps with unique roasted gorgonzola notes.” Perhaps the single greatest cracker. Ever. At Costco I got a new dog bed because Dodger has had fleas ever since my parents brought in their dog to our house. He’s all scratched and bitten up, and because of the heat his skin is super dry and very sensitive. I’ve been putting coconut and neem oil on him, which also helps with the mange.

I got home and hubs was in major, massive pain. He’s currently passed out on the back deck. I am really concerned about him because his feet have been beyond swollen for over a week, and after what the other surgeon told us about sucking fluid out of his belly, I’m wondering if that’s what is going on with his feet. On a really selfish note, I want him to be feeling good for my reunion tomorrow. It’s important to me that he’s there.

I feel like I keep rehashing a lot of the same stuff in my head, over and over again. Sometimes it’s difficult to have these selfish feelings while being so self-sacrificing. It is hard to hear, day in and day out, about how shitty he feels. It’s difficult to not have my husband all the time. It’s almost like I’ve already lost him. It sucks.

Sigh…I’m tired. I’m going to bed. Good night.


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