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Reunited and it feels so good
July 23, 2008, 7:46 pm
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My mindset, my eating, my working on myself, my water intake, taking care of myself…it has been back on track and I feel fantastic. Everyday this week I have been keeping track of points, everyday I have taken my vitamins, everyday I have gotten at least 64 oz. of water in.

Today has been a good day. It didn’t necessarily start out that way (TOM/shark week…enough said) but I woke up a little earlier than normal, took a shower, made myself breakfast (scrambled egg and egg whites with bell pepper finely diced), had some good coffee and got to work on time. Work was good–busy like always, but still good. Kept me on my toes, which always makes the day go by faster. 

After work I hit the gym. I spent 30 minutes on the elliptical, and then did 25 minutes of resistance training and ab work. Dinner tonight is a smoked turkey on whole grain from Panera bread, which is fantastic. 

I feel like I’m in such a good place right now. Hubs’ surgery for his hernia has FINALLY been scheduled. It’s next Tuesday, so I’m going to take him to Fountain Valley at 6am (ugh) and then I’m taking Wednesday off work to be his nurse maid. Last night in group I was a total “therapy hog” but you know, it was very needed. I got some stuff off my chest, processed a LOT of crap that has been weighing me down lately and today I woke up feeling lighter than I have in a long time.

It’s a nice place to be.


Eggs–3 pts.
Fat Free latte–3 pts.

Couscous salad–6 pts.

Luna bar–3 points

Chips and Sandwich–8 pts.

Total: 23 points
AP’s earned: 3


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