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July 16, 2008, 5:01 pm
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As my sister T pointed out to me earlier this afternoon via email, I have neglected my blog. Thanks, Minge! I know I have been absent for awhile, but I’ve been very busy.

This past weekend I went camping in Catalina with some of my BFF’s. We camped at the Two Harbors Campsite. It was awesome–being out in nature, waking up to the sounds of seals barking in the harbor, seeing nothing but beach, boats and ocean, laughing and lots of memories were made. There are only two things I can complain about. One is the hike UP to the campsite. We were about a 1/4 mile uphill, and we were walking down into “town” to use the bathroom and showers. My legs haven’t gotten that good of a workout in a long time. The other problem were the yellowjackets–they were EVERYWHERE. The rangers told us that the island has not had this sort of a problem with yellowjackets in six or seven years. Three of us got stung and we ended up buying an electrical bug zapper that looked like a badmitton racket (which was quite powerful as a few of the boys discovered, ha!). Then there’s the part about me using an ENTIRE bottle of sunscreen and still getting sunburned, but I’ll live (tip: don’t use spray sunscreen. It washes off in the water and doesn’t do as good a job of protecting you as a regular sunscreen does).

Food wise, I have been doing miserably. I’m not keeping track, I’m not drinking all of my water, I’m just slacking of majorly. I feel bloated and gross, and the four or five pounds I had taken off have all come back. I’m frustrated with myself. I’ve done this before, and I know how to do it, I just am having a really hard time. Now that I’m getting a regular paycheck, I think I will start going to meetings again. I will not tell them that I am a lifetime member (since I initially registered under my maiden name), I will have a small goal of 20 pounds or so to lose, I think it would do me some good. I would like to find an early morning meeting so that I could catch it and then come to work. My friend J has discovered a new meeting within walking distance of her house, and I’m a little jealous. I would have walked to my old meeting, but I would have had to walk through a crummy part of town and it was at night, so I didn’t feel comfortable doing that.

Work has been okay. Last night I went out for happy hour with a few girls and then three of us ended up going to H&M and I got three really cute tops (one of which I’m wearing today and is a really cute shade of green!). The green shows off the tan my arms got this weekend. 

So there you go, sister (and others). An update de Jamie. Pictures from Catalina will be posted later. I’m outta here!


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FINALLY. Even though we talk everyday its still nice to see what else going on in your life. Miss you Minge!

Sister T

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