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Exhausted with a side of cottage cheese
July 7, 2008, 8:13 pm
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Last night I was up until around 11:30 doing laundry and watching Family Guy. So I decided to crawl into bed, put on my light blocking eye mask and turn on the TV at a very low volume. My normal bedtime routine.

And then I couldn’t sleep.

And then I couldn’t sleep some more.

Finally, around 1, I turned on some random movie, took my eye mask off and started watching the movie. 

Then I still couldn’t sleep.

At 1:45 I turned on the XM radio we get through our DirectTV service, threw my eye mask on and finally fell asleep.

Normally I do not have problems falling asleep, but last night was awful. 

This morning was almost worse. I woke up late, took a quick shower and then went to make myself a cup of coffee (thank God for a coffee maker with a timer on it that starts automatically at 6:15) and when I was pouring my fat-free milk into my coffee, it was CHUNKY. I almost barfed all over my counter. It was *fine* yesterday. It was on its way towards becoming cottage cheese. So then I left for work without my precious (yes, precious. You try and sit in 45 minutes of traffic on 4 hours of sleep and no coffee) and luckily had a chance to hit the Starbucks by work before clocking in.

Today there were 16 (SIXTEEN!!!) people who needed to be screened and once again there were only 2 therapists to screen them. Between them, my regular clients and having no afternoon availability, I was really stressed out. But I got to leave around 3:30 and went to my first clinical supervision meeting at the other building across town. My supervisor seems really laid back and I was able to start developing the ever-important supervisor relationship.

After that, I went to the gym and earned about 3 points on the elliptical and by doing weights. Now I’m just waiting for hubs to get off the phone so I can order something from Panera Bread and then hit the sack early so I’m feeling more alert and alive tomorrow.

By the by, I was working out on the elliptical and was listening to my iPod when I realized that I need some more workout music. “Hollaback Girl” came on and had me going faster on the elliptical. So can you give me some recommendations for good workout music that will keep me intrigued and ready to go? Here’s some of what is on my list as of now:

Hollaback Girl-Gwen Stefani
Fake Tales of San Francisco-Arctic Monkies
Rebel Yell-Billy Idol
A bunch of stuff from Black Eyed Peas
DOA-Foo Fighters
Let’s Go Crazy-Prince
Smooth Criminal-Michael Jackson
Too Much (and other songs)-Dave Matthews Band

So yes, internets, I need some more ideas. Help, please!


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