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Sunday, Sunday…
July 6, 2008, 11:29 pm
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It’s been a really good weekend. Besides the heat in my den right now, it has been a really fantastic few days.

Friday I got the chance to sleep in and it was lovely. The only thing that sucked about that day was that hubs wasn’t feeling good towards the afternoon, and ended up staying home while I went over to a friend’s house for a BBQ and fireworks (I had the okay by hubs to go, he just ended up sleeping). We had some good laughs, and went to the beach about 1/4 mile from my friend N’s house to watch fireworks from Terminal Island. 

Walking to the beach with a cocktail in my hand

Me and my bff\'s

Saturday I spent the day with my friend V and my god-daughter. She is going to be 2 in September and is just SO much fun right now. We went to a small beach with my other friend T and her daughter (who is 5 and super cute). I have been so busy with grad school that I haven’t had the chance to spend as much time with her as I would have liked, so now that I’m done, I am going to make the effort to spend more time with her. 

We built sandcastles on the beach, she pitched a fit when she couldn’t have the ball across the beach, we went out into the water, we looked for sea shells, and I got barely any color even though I was out in the sun for 2 hours!

Aunt Jamie and the god-baby

I was watching her like a hawk. Seriously, I have no idea how you parents do it, always looking out. I can take a break from my dog, and Aaron’s okay enough to take care of himself (for the most part) so I can chill out for a little bit. I can sleep in, I can go camping in Catalina for a weekend without having to worry about finding a babysitter, and I can live the life of a carefree adult. Granted, I want to have a child, expand my family, know the happiness of being a parent, but still. All of you parents out there have my admiration.

Today was a good day too. Did some shopping, got a really cute pair of chinos from New York & Company on sale (only $12!!) and a few odds and ends at Target (also known as my home away from home). I made chicken orzo pasta salad for lunches for the week. Chicken, orzo pasta, roasted red bell peppers, peas, leftover grilled corn on the cob, sliced olives, and feta cheese. 

I hope this week goes by fast. I’m going to Catalina with my friend’s this weekend for a birthday camping trip. I bought a super hot two-piece bathing suit at Ross the other night (only $10. I rule). It’s white and reminds me a little of Denise Richard’s bikini from when she did that James Bond movie a few years back. I wish I had her rockin’ body but that’s okay. I am happy with mine. But yeah, me and 7 of my closest friends, drinking, laughing, swimming, hanging out, spending time and having a good time. I can’t wait!


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