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Hot and humid with a chance of pain
July 26, 2008, 1:46 pm
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According to the dashboard widget on my Mac it says that its only 77 in Lakewood. It doesn’t say the humidity, but it feels like it’s 100% humidity without the rain. I took a shower about 20 minutes ago and I already feel sticky and my face is sweaty. Ugh!

Last night I went to the gym after work. First of all, it only took me a half hour to get to the gym. If you’ve ever driven in Los Angeles on a Friday night at 5 you understand that your commute takes about an extra 20-30 minutes. It normally takes me 45-60 minutes to get home during the week. I was meeting my friend Mike at the gym since he recently joined and we’re working together to keep each other motivated and going. I spent a HOUR on the elliptical and burned about 500 calories, totaling about 5 AP’s. 

I came home and ended up eating couscous salad because nobody could figure out what they wanted to eat for dinner. Then I watched Waitress which was really sweet, but then the ending was bittersweet when I realized that the toddler was the directors daughter, and that the director was murdered right before the movie came out. Sad, right?

I got a good night of sleep, crashing around 11, waking up around 10. Now I’m just finishing up this blog and am going to hit the gym to do some strength/resistance training. I have to take some aspirin though, because I’ve got the makings of a really bad headache starting and if I don’t do something now, it’s going to knock me on my ass for the rest of the day. I’ve already had all my water for the day, so I’m going to continue guzzling, maybe have a diet Dr. Pepper for some caffeine in the hopes that it works.


July 24, 2008, 9:16 pm
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I feel better. Well, kind of.

All day long I have felt lousy. This morning I had to take 3 Motrin’s because my back hurt so badly. I was really busy at work today, what with client appointments, SSI reports to be written, people in the middle of a psychotic break (yeah, *that* was fun), supervision where my boss basically told me that my feeling overwhelmed last week when he was calling me every 10 minutes was my fault, and an afternoon and evening filled with exhaustion and nausea. For dinner we shared greasy nachos and now I feel even grosser (is that a word? Well, my Mac doesn’t recognize it as misspelled, so I guess it is). 

Hubs is having his first good day in AGES and I feel crappy. Karma, you can kiss my ass.

My SIL is having problems with health insurance information and trying to get certain services covered. With my former background as an account manager for a health insurance broker, I spent 5 minutes on a website and found out all the information they needed to see about getting her into a rehab program.

I sent everybody involved–the in-laws, the mother-in-law, and hubs. I feel bad because he is caught in the middle of a bunch of alcohol problems: my parents, his sister. 

I guess I only feel better because I’m able to at least do whatever it is I can do to help. God knows I won’t be babysitting anytime soon (my autistic nephew is adorable, but I can’t handle him for more than a few hours.

Sorry if this post is all over the place with horrible grammar. I’m going to bed. Good night.

Reunited and it feels so good
July 23, 2008, 7:46 pm
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My mindset, my eating, my working on myself, my water intake, taking care of myself…it has been back on track and I feel fantastic. Everyday this week I have been keeping track of points, everyday I have taken my vitamins, everyday I have gotten at least 64 oz. of water in.

Today has been a good day. It didn’t necessarily start out that way (TOM/shark week…enough said) but I woke up a little earlier than normal, took a shower, made myself breakfast (scrambled egg and egg whites with bell pepper finely diced), had some good coffee and got to work on time. Work was good–busy like always, but still good. Kept me on my toes, which always makes the day go by faster. 

After work I hit the gym. I spent 30 minutes on the elliptical, and then did 25 minutes of resistance training and ab work. Dinner tonight is a smoked turkey on whole grain from Panera bread, which is fantastic. 

I feel like I’m in such a good place right now. Hubs’ surgery for his hernia has FINALLY been scheduled. It’s next Tuesday, so I’m going to take him to Fountain Valley at 6am (ugh) and then I’m taking Wednesday off work to be his nurse maid. Last night in group I was a total “therapy hog” but you know, it was very needed. I got some stuff off my chest, processed a LOT of crap that has been weighing me down lately and today I woke up feeling lighter than I have in a long time.

It’s a nice place to be.


Eggs–3 pts.
Fat Free latte–3 pts.

Couscous salad–6 pts.

Luna bar–3 points

Chips and Sandwich–8 pts.

Total: 23 points
AP’s earned: 3

Busier than a one-armed paper hanger.
July 22, 2008, 4:01 pm
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That’s me.

My day today has been crazy busy. Back-to-back-to-back clients in the morning, assessment in the afternoon, tons of paperwork, and 20 minutes to cram in lunch.

I have 5 minutes of downtime before meeting with my supervisor to ask him a few questions. Last night was okay. Ended up going to the gym and did 30 minutes of cardio, 20 minutes of strength training. I figure I earned about 3 AP’s, which is pretty good. After working out I went to Target and Trader Joe’s to pick up some essentials, then went home. My parents had made dinner, which was nice because I didn’t get home until after 8. Dinner was BBQ chicken (4 points), chicken Rice-a-Roni, which I have literally not had in FIVE years (6 points) and a biscut (3 points). 13 points, which put me right on track for the day.

After dinner I made myself couscous salad, which is whole wheat couscous, garlic, grilled chicken, corn and bell peppers all mixed together. It is really tasty, but kind of dry. I think I need to make some sort of simple balsamic vinegrette to put over it. But I had that for lunch today and along with my AM granola bar, I’ve had a total of 8 points. I’m not going to the gym tonight because I am going to go to my support group (which I missed last week), so I won’t be getting in any AP’s. Maybe I’ll have Subway or something simple for dinner. I was HOPING to have a turkey burger at lunch from the cafeteria today, but by the time I got down there at 1:45 they were all OUT! UGH! Luckily I had brought couscous with me, so I ended up being okay.

Oy. Time to finish this paperwork. Peace out!

Day 1…for the 1354th time
July 21, 2008, 1:47 pm
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I’m back on track (once again) today. The weekend was good–mellow, saw some good friends, slept in, got stuff done around the house, didn’t overdo it with food and/or alcohol. I wasn’t very good about getting my water in, but that’s okay, because at least I know it and have a plan of action to get back on track.

Luckily today is shaping up to be a really good day. I’m on my lunch break right now, eating a Subway Club (6 points, one veggie), and know what I’m going to eat for dinner tonight (BBQ chicken, smashed potatoes, 10-12 points, depending on how much chicken I have), and I only had a 2 point granola bar for breakfast. That leaves me 18-20 points. I need to eat a little bit more, PLUS I’m going to the gym tonight with a friend, so I will get a good workout in. I’ve got a half-empty bottle of water beside me, and I know I’ll get another bottle in before I hit the gym.

I haven’t been able to find an early morning Weight Watchers meeting, so I may go back to doing things online and then weigh in at my local meeting place. I was thinking about this in the car the other day, and I just wish I could make it back to the Fountain Valley meeting location, where I had so much success the first time I did this. But with gas prices being through the roof and the fact that I don’t want to drive that far on a Saturday morning, I will just have to make it work wherever I am. I know that the meetings are important, but I think so much of my success the (actual) first time around was because everything was new to me. Maybe I need to pick up a new 3-month journal so I can actually get back to tracking points.

Work is okay today. All of my clients showed up (except for one) and nobody needed to be hospitalized. Woo! After lunch is a staff meeting, then I have to leave at 3:30 to go to the Adam’s building for supervision. After my week last week (two hospitalizations, frustrations with my boss), I will have lots to talk about.

Universal Healthcare
July 18, 2008, 8:51 pm
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As most of you who read this blog know, I’m a liberal in my political views. In 2004 I ran the Orange County for Kucinich campaign, I’ve listened to KPFK and Pacifica Radio for years, I wish Keith Olbermann really WAS my secret lover (like I joke around with hubs) and I absolutely believe that Bush and Rove stole the 2000 election by working with Kathleen Harris’ office in Florida to prevent thousands of voters in Florida from having their votes counted.

When hubs had cancer in 2001, he was without health insurance and we were fortunate enough to find out about a program that eventually covered his surgery, chemo and radiation treatments. There was one month where his coverage lapsed and the oncologists office would not give him chemo because we could not come up with the $2000 for EACH TREATMENT (one a week…), but other than that, without MSI I know hubs would be dead. His surgery alone was over $100,000.

In the last two days at work, I have had to hospitalize two clients. Yesterday, my client was “fortunate” enough to have Medi-Cal, which is state sponsored insurance for people on SSI. He came in with his brother and sister. The client was homeless, smoking crack, not on his medications, and incoherent and delusional with psychotic features. He had Medi-Cal and I was able to find him a bed in a hospital within an hour. He was out of my office in three hours.

Today was a completely different story. I was doing intakes today and had a client who was “Short-Doyle.” Basically, that means the client is without Medi-Cal or Medicare and we are supposed to refer them to an agency that receives funding to work with that population. The client and his son came into my office at noon. The client had not eaten in three weeks, was paranoid, anxious, depressed, unable to take care of himself and generally categorized as somebody who is “gravely disabled.” I had the client evaluated by a psychiatrist who concurred with my diagnosis and agreed that the client needed to be hospitalized on a 5150 hold. I had the hold completed at 1:45pm.

So then I called ACCESS, through LA County Department of Mental Health, to help me find a bed. I was told I’d get a call back in an hour. Because my client had no health insurance, it was going to take some work to find him a bed at a County hospital. 

So I waited. 

And I waited.

And then I got the run-around. And got told there was nothing available from two county hospitals.

And then I got some more run-around. 

All in all, I spent over six hours with the client and his father in my office. He was finally accepted at a local county hospital and will be out in three days. 

If we had universal healthcare coverage, shit like this wouldn’t happen. A sick old man, his anxious son, and a social worker wouldn’t have wasted six hours of a day trying to find the help that he needed. I shouldn’t have had to watch a son worry about where his father was going to go. I should have been able to immediately get the assistance I needed, and I should have been able to have them out of my office much MUCH faster than in six hours. I didn’t leave my office until 6:45.

Universal healthcare coverage is going to solve a lot of our problems that we have as a nation. With 47 million Americans lacking health insurance, and eight Californians dying each day because they lack health insurance, it is time that we start recognizing that we are the only (ONLY) industrialized nation without health care coverage for our citizens. We need to do something to change this. With the amount of money we are spending each day on a war based on lies, you’d think we’d be able to give each citizen comprehensive health coverage that would allow them to get the help and care they deserve.

So, yeah…
July 16, 2008, 5:01 pm
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As my sister T pointed out to me earlier this afternoon via email, I have neglected my blog. Thanks, Minge! I know I have been absent for awhile, but I’ve been very busy.

This past weekend I went camping in Catalina with some of my BFF’s. We camped at the Two Harbors Campsite. It was awesome–being out in nature, waking up to the sounds of seals barking in the harbor, seeing nothing but beach, boats and ocean, laughing and lots of memories were made. There are only two things I can complain about. One is the hike UP to the campsite. We were about a 1/4 mile uphill, and we were walking down into “town” to use the bathroom and showers. My legs haven’t gotten that good of a workout in a long time. The other problem were the yellowjackets–they were EVERYWHERE. The rangers told us that the island has not had this sort of a problem with yellowjackets in six or seven years. Three of us got stung and we ended up buying an electrical bug zapper that looked like a badmitton racket (which was quite powerful as a few of the boys discovered, ha!). Then there’s the part about me using an ENTIRE bottle of sunscreen and still getting sunburned, but I’ll live (tip: don’t use spray sunscreen. It washes off in the water and doesn’t do as good a job of protecting you as a regular sunscreen does).

Food wise, I have been doing miserably. I’m not keeping track, I’m not drinking all of my water, I’m just slacking of majorly. I feel bloated and gross, and the four or five pounds I had taken off have all come back. I’m frustrated with myself. I’ve done this before, and I know how to do it, I just am having a really hard time. Now that I’m getting a regular paycheck, I think I will start going to meetings again. I will not tell them that I am a lifetime member (since I initially registered under my maiden name), I will have a small goal of 20 pounds or so to lose, I think it would do me some good. I would like to find an early morning meeting so that I could catch it and then come to work. My friend J has discovered a new meeting within walking distance of her house, and I’m a little jealous. I would have walked to my old meeting, but I would have had to walk through a crummy part of town and it was at night, so I didn’t feel comfortable doing that.

Work has been okay. Last night I went out for happy hour with a few girls and then three of us ended up going to H&M and I got three really cute tops (one of which I’m wearing today and is a really cute shade of green!). The green shows off the tan my arms got this weekend. 

So there you go, sister (and others). An update de Jamie. Pictures from Catalina will be posted later. I’m outta here!