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June 29, 2008, 1:14 pm
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When I was at Cal State Fullerton, I was a human services major with a minor in Women’s Studies. One of my daily readings is Feministing, a fantastic blog about all sorts of issues facing women from a feminist point of view. 

I was excited when Hillary Clinton was running for president–even though I cannot stand her politics, I was encouraged that there was a strong woman who was a serious contender for the highest office in the land. I was pissed off with all of the misogyny that she faced in the mainstream media. Seriously, comments about her “cackle” to almost everything Chris Matthews ever uttered about her were frustratingly patriarchal and I found myself defending HRC on a daily basis to those in my life whose point of views are far less feminist than my own.

But internets, I have a confession to make.

I am ADDICTED to “America’s Next Top Model.” I have been watching the MTV marathon since I woke up this morning (even though I saw this same cycle while I was avoiding finals last month). I love Tyra and the way she makes EVERYTHING about herself. I love the cattiness and the drama between the contestants and wish I could compete only to wear the beautiful dresses and have my hair and makeup done by other people.

I feel like ANTM is so the opposite of everything feminism has ever been about, and yet is feminist by its very nature. Even though the women are dolled up and modeling, I feel like it teaches lessons (every once in awhile) about how to be strong, confident women. Tyra, for all of her narcissism, has a strong business acumen and is a very powerful, strong, confident woman.

So, internets there is my confession. And now it’s time to flip back from the Germany-Spain soccer match and back to ANTM. 


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