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June 11, 2008, 7:16 pm
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(Sorry…had to go with a “Family Guy” insult as a title)

When I woke up yesterday I thought I was going to go to work, hubs was going to have his surgery, I was going to go to group, my MIL was going to be here and I was going to have another boring, slow day.

Hi, I’m Jamie. Could I *be* any more wrong?

I get to work and am told that the first on-call social worker is out of the office and that I will be the first person in charge of doing screenings and intakes. Okay, I thought to myself, it should be okay, it won’t be super crazy. Um NO. I did two intakes (both before lunch, both were a pain in the ass), five screenings, had to do a suicide assessment and refer the client to another agency because she didn’t have insurance and come to find out she just wanted some paperwork filled out and wanted to leave. 

Then I got a phone call from my MIL and she told me that they weren’t going to do the hernia surgery on hubs because of the spider bite. It was wicked infected and the doctor had to go in, drain it, and scrape out the dead tissue and then reschedule. So I got home (after some awful traffic on the 91) and then had to leave for my support group, in Orange.

Luckily the group was the highlight of my night. I had a really amazing moment of clarity that relates not only to me personally, but also in a professional sense. It was really amazing. After group I went to the Starbucks by my therapist’s office and got a coffee and a mini vanilla scone–which was perfect and totally satisfied my sweet tooth. 

When I got home I helped hubs take a bath and change the dressing on his wound. Thank god I don’t get queasy easily because I would have lost it. There is a giant hole in his knee (seriously. it’s like the size of a quarter) with a piece of gauze stuffed in it. The gauze is acting like a wick, pulling out the bacteria and whatever else the spider decided to leave in his leg. He is limping around because his knee is sore, but today he is feeling much better. His leg is not in as much pain, and the swelling has gone WAY way down, which is good and means that stuff is working the way it’s supposed to.

Food wise, I’ve been doing okay. At work today they had turkey burgers in the cafeteria, so I had one without cheese or dressing. I had only a few fries and had fruit for dessert. I’m not sure what dinner is going to look like, since I have only 4 points left. I may hit the treadmill while I watch the Top Chef finale (go Steph!) and earn one or two more points. I might make a veggie and pasta dish, since hubs isn’t eating dinner. Who knows? 


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