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Black plantain pancakes and new job news
June 4, 2008, 10:25 pm
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****I will be ranting about tonight’s Top Chef episode. Spoilers lie ahead, so if you haven’t seen it, don’t read!****








Can we please all agree that if Lisa wins Top Chef, somebody should just punch Tom and Padma in their respective junk? I seriously cannot believe they sent Antonia home tonight. She was my second favorite chef (behind Stephanie) and I just loved the spirit and energy she brought to the show.

I’m sure the editors needed a villain this season and picked Lisa but in all honesty her whole, “A congratulations would have been nice” at the end of the episode was more than enough for me to just write her off.

In OTHER non-bitter news, I got the official job offer tonight, and accepted it. I start tomorrow!! I am going to be a counselor/therapist at an adult outpatient clinic, working with people across the spectrum of mental illness. I will also be co-facilitating a DBT group, which is an amazing treatment modality that designed for people who have borderline personality disorder. 

I will post tomorrow night and let you know how the first day goes. Wish me luck!


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I learned all about DBT when I went through training at Chrysalis, the women’s center where I volunteered last year. Revolutionary! Congrats on the new job… I’m excited to hear about your experiences, is this is something I’m contemplating going back to school for (major massive career change, scary).


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