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June 4, 2008, 10:28 am
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166 (and that includes some TOM stuff going on, which is odd, because I *just* had my period 2 weeks ago).

Well, after yesterday, I am feeling much better. I talked with the hubs this morning, who is in really good spirits and has not given up the fight. He is so amazing…people talk about me being strong and whatnot, but I get my strength from him. Despite all of the BS we’ve dealt with and the troubles within our marriage, I am always amazed by him and his ability to stay strong.

Yesterday was not a great food day. I only had 18 points, and that included taquitos and cupcakes. I had forgotten about a support group that my therapist started last night, so I ended up bailing on my steak salad, and going to that. I was feeling kind of frustrated that I had to go to that, but in the end I’m glad I ended up going.

I should hear today about my possible job, and that is making me nervous. Tonight I’m going to my BFF’s house for dinner so I’m not sure what that is going to be, points-wise. I’m going to make my steak salad for lunch. I did a Trader Joe’s run on Monday and bought orzo pasta, so I am going to make that with my steak this afternoon. It should be interesting.

Yogurt w/granola: 4 pts.

Steak & orzo salad: 8 points

No idea, but it will include wine and pasta and cupcakes, so it won’t be pretty.

Lots and lots and lots of water.  


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I’m amazed by BOTH of your strengths — except, I”m not SURPRISED by it, because from what little I Know of you, you seem to be the type that rises to the occasion and gets shit done when shit needs to get done (and that includes dealing with health issues).

I wish you lived closer, because I would introduce you to my friends Mike and Allie — although his cancer is far from the severity of Aaron’s, he was diagnosed just as they were getting married, and it’s been a battle ever since (5-6 years). I know that they have dealt with some of the same stuff as you guys.

Love the new blog! Congrats on getting back on the bandwagon!


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